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"Admit it, you were thinking it."


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We all have found ourselves in frustrating or awkward situations with no way of relieving the tension of the moment. I wanted a way to express thoughts without opening my mouth.

The SmartAzs' are a passion project years in the making. Using some of the most intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom to express advice, comments and opinions in a sarcastic and sassy tone. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy all at the same time. Through these adorable critters and their spunky remarks on quality hand-picked apparel, I wish to give a voice to the meek and shy; embolden them. And also bring attention to the world's amazing creatures, their necessity, as well as their endangerment.  

I'm T. Johnson creator and owner of SmartAzs'. As a child, I was diagnosed with cancer. From having no say over myself, to being an individual in a massive world; expression has been at the forefront of my journey. Few have mastered the art of communication and I wish to provide an outlet. 

Graduating from college but only hired for customer service jobs, I find that little embers of joy are the sparks in the darkness. Trials of life teach us that positivity isn't always obvious. Sometimes, it's hidden. But when found, its value grows. And to bring a smile where a frown used to be, makes it all worth while and the world less melancholy. Enjoy.


Coming Soon!

  •  More SmartAzs' family will be introduced. I'd say more but they'll speak for themselves.   

Smarty Party TV


Cartoon shorts

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